Entry #1

What has linx been up too!?!?!?!!?

2009-08-07 23:17:14 by UniqueLinx

For those of ya'll who don't know I'm going to college for audio engineering

got no more time for games this thing is serious!!!!

imma learn how to mix and produce like a pro

just trying to master all forms of music......what can i say this is what i was born to do :)

someone once told me i couldn't make a career doing this.......

and that person can go eat a dick now :D

i can't be expected to have a future trying to make a living on this site

prolly won't upload a new song for awhile........but keep in touch with me if you can!!!



What has linx been up too!?!?!?!!?


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2009-08-15 16:42:35

Y'know, you don't have to leave, or stop dropping tracks. You can just drop in, upload some tracks, and peace out. You've already got enough fans to have your tracks heard.